A50Ex Receives China Explosion-proof Certificate (ATEX Certification)

A50Ex Receives China Explosion-proof Certificate (ATEX Certification)

We are delighted to announce that our A50Ex series has been granted the China Explosion-proof Certificate (ATEX Certification) with certificate number ZJEx23.0431. This certification recognizes our product's compliance with stringent safety standards for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Product Name: Digital Explosion-proof Intercom Model Specification: A50Ex Explosion-proof Marking: Exib ICT4 Gb; Ex ib 1IC T130°C Db Assembly Drawing Number: A50Ex-2023

Upon thorough review of the product samples and technical documentation, as well as prototype inspections, we confirm that the A50Ex series meets the following standards:

  • GB/T3836.1-2021
  • GB/T3836.4-2021

Key Notes:

  1. Electrical Parameters: Rated Voltage: DC 7.4V.
  2. The product is only compatible with the TBL02Ex 3200mAh lithium battery with a nominal voltage of 7.4V.
  3. Charging, disassembly, and battery replacement are prohibited in hazardous explosive environments.
  4. Protection Grade: IP66.
  5. Model Interpretation: A50Ex Frame Color Options: A: Red; N: Blue; A: Orange

Certificate Issuance Date: April 25, 2023 Validity Period: Until April 24, 2028

This certification underscores our commitment to providing reliable and safe products for environments where explosion-proof equipment is essential. The A50Ex series, with its advanced design and adherence to strict standards, ensures optimal performance and safety for our customers.

For further details or inquiries about our A50Ex series and other certified products, please feel free to reach out to us.

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