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Consumer Walkie-Talkies (PMR446)
D4 Series (D40, D4X, D45, D46, D446) 446MHz
B3 Series (B30, B446, B31, B32, B3X-446, B3X PMR446) 446MHz
F4 Series (F40) 446MHz

Land Mobile Radios
Amateur Radio HAM Series (A36P, A36, A361, A37) 144/430MHz

DMR Digital Radios:
D5 Series (D5X, D50, D51) 400-470MHz
D4 Series (D40, D4X, D45, D46, D446) 446MHz
D3 Series (D30. D3X. D33. D35. D36. D37. D38. D39) 400-470MHz

N2 Series (N2X, N26, N27) WCDMA/LTE/GPS
N3 Series (N3X, N30, N33, N35, N36) WCDMA/LTE/GPS
N4 Series (N4X, N40, N45) WCDMA/LTE/GPS
N5 Series (N5X, N50, N55, N57, N58, N59) WCDMA/LTE/GPS

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