I have always been in awe of the achievements of my partners, and last year was another record-breaking year for us. For that I must say THANK YOU! We seized opportunities together, enhanced our partnerships and achieved some Technology accomplishments. We work hard in collaborating with our partners,it strengthens our commitment to mutual success.

Talkpod Technologies is investing in our partners,products and services we deliver to ensure our customers achieve greatness. Talkpod Technologies Cloud is a prime example of Talkpod’s commitment to delivering products and solutions to solve our customers’ challenges while enabling our partners to expand their market. As we enter 2024, I would like reiterate my gratitude to our existing partners, and welcome new partners to the program. I am thrilled to work together with our partners to overcome new challenges and create brilliance together.

Jack Chen - CEO


Talkpod PoC Radio Ranked #1 in Global Export Volume.

*From 2017 China Custom Data .

6 Guiding Principles


Partners are integral to Talkpod Technologies overall success in delivering an excellent customer experience.


Talkpod commits to deliver a Simple, Win-win, Growth together Partner Program.


Talkpod commits that conflict will be managed and resolved with the highest level of prioritization and transparency.


Sales engagement between core Talkpod Technologies and our partners will include elements of joint territory/account planning and teaming agreements. These are designed to build trusting, long-term relationships that result in satisfying our mutual customers.


Talkpod commits to offer comprehensive training and enablement to our partners for all products and solution offerings.


Talkpod commits to strengthening relationships with partners to develop & enable a robust Partner Community.

Benefits For Your Business


We provide incentives, rebates, and extensive support to our partners to help increase your revenue and profitability. Depending on your business model, you can act as a reseller of Talkpod products or integrate our solutions into your systems as a system integrator.

Accelerating Growth

Talkpod’s Partner Empowerment Program ensures that our partners receive the necessary support to accelerate growth. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our lead generation campaigns and gain access to state-of-the-art technical training, marketing resources, and dedicated after-sales support.

Business Drivers

Take advantage of our comprehensive technical resources, product demonstrations, pilot systems, and a steady stream of new product releases.

Effective Response

Renowned for our swift and effective response, we take pride in supporting our partners and delivering solutions that meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving and dynamic marketplaces.

Program Tiers & Requirements

The Talkpod Technologies Partner Program Tiers each have their own revenue, training and other requirements, enabling you to progress beyond the entry-level Authorized status.

Partners who don’t meet the minimum revenue threshold may be eligible for the Authorized Partner status, but need to work with a Talkpod sales person who sponsors their request.

Product Track Application

Designated Point of Contact/Alliance Manager

Annual Sell-In Revenue Threshold
Confirmation of End CustomerValidation Reports

Service Offerings Summary

Flexible and Aligned Training

You have the ability to complete different combinations of training, while progressing to higher Tiers, based on your business models. Training is available across Talkpod extensive portfolio so that you can gain expertise in areas that align to your core competencies.

Tier Benefits

As your Tier progresses, so do your benefits. Simple, Win-win, Growth together

Partner Portal access including enablement tools, salesaids, and marketing campaigns & tools Valuable trainingthrough access to Partner Academy

Talkpod Direct Sales Compensation

Annual Sell-In Revenue Threshold

Partner Solution Content Library for Internal TalkpodSales

Service Offerings Summary

Leverage Talkpod Technologies Partner ProgramLogo and Branding

Use the Talkpod Partner Program logo and brand

New Products Program Consideration

Find-a-Talkpod-Partner presence

Sales Tools

Quick, easy access to essential tools and resources makes it easier for you to introduce new solutions to your customers, gather core requirements, configure solutions, generate persuasive proposals and much more.

Calculators & Advisors

Generate more sales and improve productivity by equipping your staff with the latest product
information, messaging and positioning.

Customer Solution Centers

Customer Solution Centers enable you to strategize, architect, validate and build solutions that supplement your Online Demo Center access.

Demo Program

The Demo Program can be used to support customer demonstrations, proof of concepts in your own labs and internal team training.

Knowledge Center

Close deals faster with a comprehensive set of sales resources and assets including Products, Solutions and Services through Knowledge Center - helping you position the best solution to your customers.

Proposal Tools

Generating persuasive proposals has never been easier with Talkpod proposal- ready content and powerful document automation capabilities.

Marketing Tools

Grow your business faster by taking advantage of Talkpod full portfolio of marketing tools and resources to drive increased awareness, generate leads, win customers and close more deals.

Digital Marketing Platform

Partners with limited resources can easily create and automate digital marketing via co-brandable, turn-key solutions for web content syndication, email and social campaigns.

Find a Talkpod Partner

Customers can use this tool to easily locate qualified Talkpod Technologies Partner Program partners to help solve their business problems. Update your profile todayto help drive increased
awareness for your company.

Agency Services

A great option for partners who want to leverage pre-screened full-service and specialty agencies,
Agency Services offers access to Talkpod program-trained agencies who are ready to help plan and execute marketing activities to best utilize your business development funds.

Campaigns, Images, Branding

Access to Talkpod full series products, solutions, software and services, images, logos, campaign
collateral, and turnkey Activation Packs for use in your marketing initiatives.

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