TAC Allocation Document

Download the GSM Association Authorized TAC Allocation Document you need for your products. Each document listed on this page is authorized by the GSM Association (GSMA) and provides the necessary TAC (Type Allocation Code) allocation details required for your devices.

For TAC allocation documents in languages other than English or for any inquiries regarding GSM Association authorization and TAC allocation, please reach out to us at info@talkpod.com.


Product and Certification:

Talkpod N5X - TAC Allocation Code: 86165104

Talkpod N50A - TAC Allocation Code: 86368404

Talkpod N55G B12E12 - TAC Allocation Code: 86390705

Talkpod N56A - TAC Allocation Code: 86367804

Talkpod N57 - TAC Allocation Code: 86608505

Talkpod N59A - TAC Allocation Code: 86366504

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