Celebrating 28 Years of Success: Talkpod Quanzhou Factory Anniversary Event

Celebrating 28 Years of Success: Talkpod Quanzhou Factory Anniversary Event

On October 21, 2019, Talkpod's Quanzhou factory marked its 28th anniversary with a grand celebration held at the Changtai Scenic Area in Zhangzhou. The event was a vibrant blend of team-building activities, joyful moments, and a refreshing change of pace for all employees.

The day began with a visit to a thousand-year-old ancient village, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. Employees marveled at the beauty of the flower sea and engaged in exciting team activities such as kart racing, rainbow slides, and cable car rides. These activities not only brought laughter and fun but also fostered teamwork and camaraderie among the staff.

One of the key objectives of the event was to encourage employees to step out of the factory environment, rejuvenate their spirits, and promote occupational health and well-being. It was an opportunity for everyone to unwind, connect with nature, and strengthen their sense of teamwork and collaboration.

The anniversary celebration highlighted Talkpod's commitment to creating a positive and engaging work culture, where employees not only excel professionally but also enjoy a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. As Talkpod continues to evolve and grow, such events play a vital role in nurturing a cohesive and motivated team.

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