Important Notice: Talkpod Radios Intended for Use in China Only

Important Notice: Talkpod Radios Intended for Use in China Only

At Talkpod, we prioritize compliance with local regulations and laws in every market we serve. Our radios, specifically tailored for the Chinese market, adhere to the type approvals and specifications mandated by Chinese law.

It's crucial to note that Talkpod radios sold in China are designed exclusively for domestic use. They meet Chinese type approval standards and specifications, which may differ from those of overseas countries, including band plans and type approval requirements.

Using Talkpod radios intended for the Chinese market outside of China may lead to legal infringements in other countries. Additionally, such usage voids any applicable warranties.

We want to emphasize that Talkpod cannot be held responsible for any repairs, support, or inquiries arising from the use of our products in overseas markets. For your safety and product longevity, we recommend purchasing radios that comply with local specifications and regulations from authorized Talkpod distributors or dealers in your country.

Thank you for your understanding and support of Talkpod.

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