Talkpod Joins DMR Association, Pioneering Standardization in Digital Two-Way Radio Industry

Talkpod Joins DMR Association, Pioneering Standardization in Digital Two-Way Radio Industry

At the end of September 2016, Talkpod officially became a core member of the Digital Mobile Radio Association (DMR Association), marking a significant step towards standardizing the digital two-way radio industry. The DMR Association is a global organization dedicated to promoting DMR as the most widely adopted digital wireless radio standard in the commercial sector. The DMR digital trunked communication standard is an open standard developed by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) to meet the needs of professional and commercial users worldwide.

As one of the few companies in China to join the DMR Association, Talkpod stands out as a brand and manufacturer of DMR terminals with independent research and development capabilities, proprietary intellectual property rights, and manufacturing capabilities. As a result, Talkpod has been classified as a Tier 1 member after relevant audits. The company will actively participate in DMR Association member meetings, engage in market and technical working groups' voting processes, and invite DMR terminal manufacturers to conduct Interoperability Tests (IOP).

The recently launched D5 series by Talkpod is designed to meet these high standards for commercial DMR digital radios. Featuring efficient spectrum utilization, large area network grouping, and compatibility with analog conventional systems, the D5 series boasts rich business functionalities, expandability, backward compatibility, low system and terminal costs, rapid network deployment, and overall lower operational costs. It is suitable for industries such as utilities, hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and property management.

Joining the DMR Association has also laid a solid foundation for Talkpod to expand into international markets. Talkpod's digital radios strictly adhere to the alliance's standards, demonstrating a commitment to contributing to the growth of the DMR Association and the expansion of the DMR market.

For more information about the Digital Mobile Radio Association, visit their website at

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