Talkpod Team Triumphs in the "Song and Yuan China, Maritime Silk Road Quanzhou, Ancient City Hike" Event

Talkpod Team Triumphs in the "Song and Yuan China, Maritime Silk Road Quanzhou, Ancient City Hike" Event

Quanzhou, China - December 16, 2023

The Talkpod team, dedicated to both innovation and community involvement, recently took part in the 5th Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival series event, "Song and Yuan China, Maritime Silk Road Quanzhou, Ancient City Hike." Held in the picturesque city of Quanzhou, this event paid homage to the rich historical significance of the region.

Four enthusiastic Talkpod colleagues enthusiastically represented the company in this challenging yet rewarding journey. They embarked on a memorable hike that traversed the heart of Quanzhou, a city that boasts a UNESCO World Heritage status and holds a pivotal place in history as the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road.

During the Song and Yuan dynasties, Quanzhou served as the world's largest port, facilitating trade and cultural exchanges between the East and the West. This event provided participants with a unique opportunity to explore the city's ancient streets, temples, and historical sites, immersing themselves in the heritage of this remarkable place.

The Talkpod team embraced the adventure with unwavering enthusiasm, conquering every trail and challenge along the way. Their dedication to completing the entire hike was not only a personal achievement but also a symbol of Talkpod's commitment to embracing local culture and history.


Upon reaching the finish line, each member of the Talkpod team was awarded a well-deserved finisher's medal, symbolizing their triumph over the physical and cultural journey they undertook. Their participation in this event showcased Talkpod's dedication to engaging with the local community and embracing the profound historical legacy of Quanzhou.

This remarkable event not only enriched the team members' personal experiences but also strengthened Talkpod's connection to its cultural roots. The company's active participation underscores its mission to foster meaningful interactions, not only through cutting-edge technology but also through engagement with local history and heritage.

The Talkpod team looks forward to future opportunities to contribute to the community and continue promoting cultural engagement in the regions where they operate.

This event took participants on a journey through the millennia-old city of Quanzhou, Fujian province. Quanzhou, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is renowned as the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road and was the world's largest port in the Song and Yuan dynasties, making it a crucial hub on the ancient trade route.

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