Talkpod's Innovation Recognized by Nan'an Science and Technology Bureau

Talkpod's Innovation Recognized by Nan'an Science and Technology Bureau
On June 3, 2024, a delegation led by Ms. Zhao, Director of the Nan'an Science and Technology Bureau, visited Talkpod's production base in Quanzhou. The delegation included relevant staff from the Science and Technology Bureau, who embarked on a tour of our product showroom and innovative achievements.

During the visit, the delegation explored Talkpod's innovative solutions, including our cutting-edge Relay product solutions, touchscreen POC intercom devices, digital radio solutions, and showcased several patented inventions. They were impressed by the progress made in research and development, technological innovation, talent cultivation, and collaborations with universities.

The delegation engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges with Talkpod's research and development team, acknowledging the company's efforts and achievements in various technological fronts. As a result, they recommended Talkpod to apply for recognition as a High-Tech Enterprise and a Specialized and Innovative Enterprise, highlighting our commitment to excellence and innovation.

This visit not only affirmed Talkpod's dedication to technological advancement but also strengthened our collaboration with government agencies in promoting innovation and fostering a conducive environment for technological growth. We are grateful for the recognition and support from the Nan'an Science and Technology Bureau and look forward to further contributions to the advancement of technology and industry.

At Talkpod, we remain committed to driving innovation, delivering high-quality solutions, and contributing positively to technological progress and societal development.

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