Location Information Protocol - Benefits of DMR Radios | Talkpod

There is a standardized option for the transmission of position information from DMR radios over the network. The LIP protocol it-self has been taken from ETSI-TETRA, it allows for the transmission of localization data in an interoperable format and for the Over the Air configuration / modifications of triggers.

The DMR radio will transmit its position data upon receive of a trigger, examples for trigger criteria are:

  • PTT
  • Emergency Call
  • Periodic every x seconds
  • Distance travelled
  • Immediate on demand of the dispatcher

To get full benefit for large fleets of users the DMR Associations has developed a highly efficient method for the transmission of localization data over the network that is capable to poll up to 1000 DMR radios per site on a single channel. In technical terms we call it USBD Data Polling over the Control Channel Alternate slot.

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