The Mission and Objectives of DMR Digital Mobile Radio

The mission of the DMR Association is to ensure that DMR remains the most widely supported digital business radio standard worldwide. To achieve this mission, the Association operates with several key objectives:

  1. Conduct an equipment interoperability testing and certification program to guarantee seamless compatibility among DMR products.

  2. Engage with the user community to gather feedback and requirements, ensuring that DMR continues to evolve in response to industry needs.

  3. Enhance the feature set of DMR by introducing new functions and capabilities that enhance usability and performance.

  4. Provide education and updates about the DMR standard to keep stakeholders informed and empowered to leverage its benefits effectively.

  5. Offer advice to regulators to create an environment conducive to the growth and adoption of DMR technology, thereby fostering innovation and progress in the field of digital radio communication.

By pursuing these objectives, the DMR Association is committed to promoting the success, openness, and interoperability of DMR products within the global marketplace, ultimately empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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