Push to video is another critical communication innovation that was made available by the increased data speed in mission critical applications.

At the press of a button, or automatically triggered by the system, a video is sent to a designated recipient or group of recipients in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to this new immersive feature, the user is able to have a better understanding of the situation faced in real time.

The applications of this service are numerous.

In Security and surveillance, videos can be sent to a designated recipient/group of recipients when a specific condition is met.

For instance, the system could be set to record and send a video when the motion camera detects something unusual.

On the other hand, remote maintenance supervision is a tool that can help save business time and money.

When a technician encounters an unexpected problem, an active call can run between him on sight and the operative centre. As a result, the technician that might require additional support, can perform repairs supervised by a colleague that is monitoring him remotely.

In the mission critical area, Push to Video enables users to make lag-free emergency calls to single or to groups to speed up rescue operations.

Of a more mainstream application, is the use of this technology for video doorbells. At one end, the doorbell camera button that will transmit a video whenever it is pressed or the motion sensor will detect a movement. On the other hand, the app on smartphone will receive the video and the user will be able to monitor and interact via the app.

Talkpod focus on Mission critical application makes sure that the devices can perform at their best in any situation.

Our devices have been designed with particular attention to HD video calls and video over LTE.

We have made sure that the devices are compatible with the solutions of several of our partners. For instance, TASSTA T-Flex makes them the suitable tool for any push-to-video need for communication.

Talkpod’s Mission-critical PTToC LTE devices with the red emergency button and TASSTA’s certified lone worker protection are the perfect solution and eco-system for any emergency, specifically during alarms when situational awareness is required.

Paired with the rugged credentials of our devices – all Talkpod devices are IP68 certified and have Mil-Std- 810H rating – together with high-quality loudspeakers, make them ideal for improving communication in industrial and harsh environments.

Get in touch if you want to learn more about how Talkpod can help you!

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