Why Oil & Gas Industry Benefits from DMR Radio Solutions

Radios from Talkpod, such as the ATEX series, offer a variety of passive emergency features. As well as Man- Down and Lone-Worker, they offer a dedicated emergency button and the ability to be GPS tracked. This ensures colleagues and managers are instantly aware of an emergency and it’s location so they can take the appropriate action.

There is also typically a requirement for intrinsic safety. Portable radios that support IECEx (Supporting the standards of ATEX and FM) are frequently deployed.


  • Improved Communication Reliability in Remote Locations
  • Enhanced Safety for Workers in Hazardous Environments
  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Productivity
  • Seamless Coordination Across Large Work Areas
  • Scalability to Accommodate Growing Operations
  • Advanced Features for Emergency Response and Crisis Management
  • Integration with Existing Communication Systems
  • Cost-Effective Solution for Large-Scale Deployments
  • Compliance with Industry Regulations and Standards
  • Robust Performance in Harsh Environmental Conditions

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