Talkpod and China Telecom’s POC Solution for Jiangxi Kindergarten Group’s School Bus Fleet

Talkpod and China Telecom’s POC Solution for Jiangxi Kindergarten Group’s School Bus Fleet


The Jiangxi Kindergarten Group, a prominent network of pre-school institutions in Jiangxi, China, faced challenges in ensuring the safety and efficient management of its school bus fleet. The group required a communication solution that could provide real-time interaction between bus drivers and school administrators, facilitate accurate GPS tracking of buses for operational efficiency, and most importantly, guarantee the safety of students during their commute.


To address these challenges, Talkpod partnered with China Telecom to implement a Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) solution tailored to the kindergarten group’s fleet management needs. The solution centered on deploying Talkpod's advanced PoC devices, including the N86A and N35 terminals, across the school bus fleet.

The N86A and N35 PoC terminals offered the following benefits:

  • Real-Time Communication: The devices provided instantaneous voice communication over China Telecom's extensive 4G network, ensuring drivers could instantly relay information to the central dispatch and receive timely instructions.
  • GPS Location Tracking: Integrated GPS functionality allowed for real-time tracking of the school buses, enhancing route management and scheduling while ensuring that children’s locations could be monitored for added security.
  • Durability and Ease of Use: The Talkpod PoC devices were designed with the rigors of daily transportation in mind, withstanding the constant movement and conditions of a school bus environment while remaining user-friendly for drivers.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Emergency buttons and alerts were configured to send immediate signals to school administrators in case of any incidents, prioritizing student safety.


The collaboration between Talkpod and China Telecom successfully elevated the communication capabilities of Jiangxi Kindergarten Group’s school buses. The real-time communication system streamlined operations, improved response times in emergency situations, and allowed for precise location tracking of each vehicle. This implementation led to:

  • Increased operational efficiency and reduced response times to situations on the road.
  • Enhanced safety for students with the ability to monitor bus locations and conditions in real-time.
  • Improved satisfaction among parents, who felt reassured about the safety measures in place.
  • A replicable model for modernizing fleet management in the educational sector.


The strategic partnership between Talkpod and China Telecom has set a new standard for school transportation safety and operational management within the Jiangxi Kindergarten Group. The school buses equipped with Talkpod's PoC solutions are now exemplars of safety and efficiency, offering peace of mind to parents, teachers, and school administrators.

Future Prospects:

Encouraged by the success of the project, the Jiangxi Kindergarten Group plans to continue leveraging Talkpod's innovative technologies in collaboration with China Telecom to explore further enhancements in student transportation and school operation systems. This case has also prompted other educational institutions to consider similar solutions for their transportation fleets, signaling a significant step forward in the integration of technology within school safety frameworks.

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