Talkpod DMR Solution for WYNDHAM Jinjiang Hotel

Talkpod DMR Solution for WYNDHAM Jinjiang Hotel
Project Overview
Wyndham Jinjiang Hotel, an emblem of elegance and cultural sophistication, is part of the prestigious RAMADA PLAZA by Wyndham International Hotel Group. As an international five-star business hotel, it prides itself on offering its guests an oasis of comfort and tranquility. In preparation for the 18th ISF Gymnasiade 2020, the hotel sought to upgrade its communication systems to ensure the provision of exceptional service experiences for visitors and guests.

The primary challenge faced by Wyndham Jinjiang Hotel was the need for a robust communication system that could provide clear and reliable coverage throughout the hotel premises, including the challenging environment of the two-level underground parking lot.

The Talkpod Solution
To meet this challenge, Talkpod provided Wyndham Jinjiang Hotel with a comprehensive DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) solution, employing its D55 and D50 radios along with the DR30 repeater to ensure full coverage. This solution was designed to cater to the specific needs of the hotel, enabling seamless communication between the staff in all areas, including the subterranean zones where radio communication is often problematic.

The implementation of Talkpod’s DMR solution involved a strategic placement of the DR30 repeaters to ensure uninterrupted signal reach even in the most challenging areas. The D55 and D50 radios, known for their durability and crystal-clear audio quality, were distributed among the hotel staff, providing them with a reliable tool to communicate instantly and effectively.

The Talkpod DMR solution has greatly improved the operational efficiency at Wyndham Jinjiang Hotel. The two-level underground parking, once a dead zone for communication, is now fully integrated into the hotel’s communication network. After opening, the hotel was able to coordinate complex event logistics flawlessly, enhancing the visitor experience and upholding the hotel’s reputation for excellence in service.

Enhanced Communication: The clear, uninterrupted communication across all hotel zones has led to improved coordination and faster response times to guest requests.
Reliable Coverage: The once problematic underground parking communication is now reliable, ensuring staff can respond to guest needs without delay.
Event Support: The system proved invaluable in managing the influx of visitors for the Gymnasiade, showcasing the hotel's capability to handle international events.
Improved Safety: With better communication, the hotel has improved its security measures, quickly addressing any potential issues or emergencies.

The Talkpod DMR solution has positioned Wyndham Jinjiang Hotel at the forefront of hospitality communication technology. The success of this implementation not only underscores Talkpod’s commitment to quality and service but also highlights the adaptability and effectiveness of DMR technology in meeting the demanding needs of the hospitality industry.

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