Shenzhen Amateur Radio Association Inaugurated with Enthusiastic Support from Talkpod Technology

Shenzhen Amateur Radio Association Inaugurated with Enthusiastic Support from Talkpod Technology
January 18, 2017 - Shenzhen, China - The Shenzhen Amateur Radio Association, a new platform for radio enthusiasts, was officially established with great celebration. Local enterprise Talkpod Technology played an active role in supporting the event, emphasizing its commitment to the local community and fostering a thriving environment for amateur radio enthusiasts.

As a local company specializing in wireless communication technology, Talkpod is dedicated to promoting the development of amateur radio and communication technology. To encourage knowledge sharing and deeper exploration of digital two-way radio applications, Talkpod plans to regularly host enthusiasts at the company for discussion sessions.

The Shenzhen Amateur Radio Association aims to bring together radio enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, creating a supportive community for learning and collaboration. This initiative aligns perfectly with Talkpod's mission of advancing communication technology and supporting local enthusiasts in their endeavors.

Mr. Jack Chen at Talkpod Technology, commented: "We are thrilled to see the Shenzhen Amateur Radio Association come to life. This is a fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts to come together and share their passion for radio technology. We look forward to hosting informative and engaging discussions at Talkpod in the future."

The establishment of the Shenzhen Amateur Radio Association is a significant milestone for the local amateur radio community and exemplifies Talkpod Technology's dedication to promoting knowledge-sharing and innovation in the field of wireless communication.

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