Talkpod Signs Research and Development Cooperation Agreement with Huaqiao University

Talkpod Signs Research and Development Cooperation Agreement with Huaqiao University

June 25, 2024, Quanzhou

Talkpod and Huaqiao University officially signed a collaboration agreement for the research and development of next-generation integrated digital radios. Over the next year, both parties will work closely on Talkpod's new product development initiatives. Huaqiao University's School of Engineering will lead the effort, deploying professors along with graduate and undergraduate students to conduct research, engage with Talkpod's R&D, production, and marketing teams, and collaborate on various research projects. This partnership aims to achieve breakthroughs, including patent applications and other scientific achievements.

Huaqiao University, directly under the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, jointly established by the United Front Work Department, Ministry of Education, and Fujian Provincial Government, is a comprehensive university. The School of Engineering at Huaqiao University is dedicated to serving the economic and social development across the Taiwan Strait. It acts as a strategic base for local economic development in Quanzhou and a hub for engineering education. The school upholds a philosophy of high starting points, high standards, and continuous innovation, guided by the principles of integrity and truth-seeking. It integrates advantages in intelligent manufacturing, IoT, and big data industries along the west coast of the Taiwan Strait, offering undergraduate programs such as IoT Engineering, Data Science and Big Data Technology, and Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering. The school also features a comprehensive system for combined bachelor's and master's degree programs, with a primary academic master's program in Information and Communication Engineering and interdisciplinary doctoral programs in fields like Electronic Information and Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering.

This collaboration between Talkpod and Huaqiao University exemplifies a strategic partnership aimed at advancing technological innovation and fostering talent development in Quanzhou and beyond.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting venture as it unfolds.

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