Talkpod Successfully Ensures Communication Security at BRICS Xiamen Summit through Integration of Private and Public Networks

Talkpod Successfully Ensures Communication Security at BRICS Xiamen Summit through Integration of Private and Public Networks
Xiamen, China - September 9, 2017 - The world's attention was focused on the 9th BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) Summit, which took place successfully in Xiamen, Fujian. Talkpod provided a comprehensive solution for the summit, including 350 MHz public safety digital equipment and public network cluster communication products that covered crucial areas such as the summit venue, the International Convention Center, ferry terminals, major roads, and more. Leaders from the BRICS nations gathered in Xiamen to review the achievements of BRICS cooperation and outline future development plans. During the summit, various events like the BRICS Business Forum and the Dialogue of Emerging Market Economies and Developing Countries were held. From receiving the requirements of the summit's organizers to delivering customized communication solutions, deploying terminals, conducting training, drills, and ensuring seamless communication throughout the event, Talkpod, in collaboration with its partners, dedicated nearly two months to this project. Leveraging its stable performance, Talkpod achieved zero communication failures and successfully provided communication support throughout the entire summit.

The BRICS Summit is an internationally recognized high-level event with stringent security requirements. Effective command and dispatch of numerous law enforcement and security personnel are crucial for enhancing security efficiency. Talkpod's solution, combining private and public network communication equipment, leveraged the 350 MHz public safety digital system and integrated public network cluster systems. This helped facilitate efficient communication among security, patrol, and stabilization teams. Commanders had a clear visual overview of the security distribution around the convention center and its vicinity through a visualization platform. In the event of emergencies, the visual command and dispatch system allowed for quick selection and assembly of security forces around the incident location, enabling dispatchers to initiate group calls with a single click and swiftly deploy nearby security personnel.

Private network communication and public network communication serve different purposes, complementing each other in various scenarios. On a global stage, Talkpod's private and public network products successfully contributed to securing an "international extravaganza," ensuring flawless communication support and delivering a satisfactory performance.

The successful security support at the BRICS Summit will further enhance Talkpod's brand value and market position in China's government sector, professional markets, and public safety frequency segments. It will also play a crucial role in promoting Talkpod's D55 public safety frequency products, N55 public network cluster radios, and similar products in other domestic projects and large-scale conferences. Talkpod remains committed to substantial investments in the ongoing development of digital and public network products while expanding its presence in the professional market.

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