Enhanced Airport Communication Solutions with PoC Technology

Overview: Airports, with their complex layouts and operational workflows, require a sophisticated and robust communication system to ensure efficient collaboration across various teams and functions. Our solution offers advanced multi-group communication and unified coordination, encompassing background broadcasts, ground crew scheduling, positioning queries, electronic fencing, and other specialized features to meet the unique demands of airport environments.

Communications Requirements for Airport Operations:

  • Multi-group dispatch to streamline communication across different departments.
  • Broadcast functionality for making airport-wide announcements.
  • Dedicated ground crew dispatch for efficient on-field operations.
  • Position checks to ensure staff and asset locations are known for operational efficiency.
  • Geo-Fencing to secure restricted areas and monitor personnel movement.

Hardware Capabilities Designed for Airports: Our hardware solutions, including GPS positioning, tracking, video calls, and accessible call histories, are specifically tailored to support the multifaceted needs of airport operations, ensuring all communication and coordination tools are at the fingertips of the staff.

Software Solutions for Streamlined Airport Communications:

  • Diverse calling options (group, individual, all-call, and temporary group calls) to adapt to different communication scenarios.
  • Authority management with stun/kill features to maintain secure and controlled communication channels.
  • Call prioritization to manage critical communications during emergencies or peak operational times.
  • Comprehensive call history for accountability and operational review.
  • Multi-group listening for enhanced situational awareness across multiple departments.
  • Network and terminal voice recording for documentation and quality control.
  • One-touch SOS alarm for immediate response to emergencies.
  • Geo-Fence technology for monitoring and controlling access to sensitive areas.
  • Detailed terminal position tracking and playback for enhanced security and operational management.
  • Integrated messaging functionalities including broadcast, group, and individual messages with support for text, photos, videos, and voice.
  • Extensive patrol management capabilities including area settings, planning, and statistical reporting.
  • Compatibility with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technologies for seamless integration with existing communication systems.
  • AES 256-bit encryption to ensure secure and confidential communications.

Main Application Scenarios: Our PoC solutions are specifically designed for airports and applicable in various other sectors such as hospitality, construction, taxi services, and security, offering a comprehensive approach to improve communication, coordination, and operational efficiency. Whether managing daily operations or responding to emergencies, our PoC systems provide a reliable and secure communication platform for all airport-related activities.

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