How PoC Works?

Who Uses Poc?

Industries which use PoC services are looking for wide-area communications with a low startup cost. These industries include transportation and logistics, retail, security, construction, local government organizations, hospitality, manufacturing and others.

PoC is particularly useful for businesses needing to communicate across widely dispersed sites or with mobile work forces, such as service companies with vehicle fleets and logistics firms. These are companies with service fleets and multiple locations that dont want to invest capital in the infrastructure required for wide-area radio networks.

Security Guards
Property Management
Electricians, Plumbers and Exterminators
Construction and Building Materials
Bus and Transportation
Waste Management
Food Distribution and Delivery Services
Large Event Production Companies
PoC also provides a cost-effective solution for smaller organizations, such as retail outlets or hospitality, where traditional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) solutions might be
 more than is required or too high of an investment.

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