WalkieFleet - Professional Voice and Video Broadband Push-to-Talk Solution

WalkieFleet - Professional Voice and Video Broadband Push-to-Talk Solution

In the ever-evolving landscape of communication technology, WalkieFleet emerges as a leader, providing a comprehensive Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution that seamlessly integrates voice and video capabilities. Designed for professional use, WalkieFleet is perfect for various industries requiring reliable and robust communication systems. Let’s explore the key features and benefits that make WalkieFleet an essential tool for modern communication.

Key Features of WalkieFleet

1. Voice and Video PTT: WalkieFleet takes traditional walkie-talkie communication to the next level by integrating video transmission. Users can send real-time video along with voice, enhancing situational awareness and providing visual context. This feature is available for both individual and group communication.

2. Messenger: The WalkieFleet messenger allows for real-time exchange of text messages, images, and files. Whether it's a private conversation or a group chat, WalkieFleet ensures secure and instant communication, making it a versatile tool for various communication needs.

3. Location Tracking: With GPS tracking capabilities, WalkieFleet can determine the location of fleet members in real-time. Users can choose between single requests or periodic updates, supporting both individual and group tracking. The system integrates with Google Maps and OpenStreetMap for accurate location tracking.

4. Over the Air Programming (OTAP): WalkieFleet dispatchers can remotely modify user configuration settings and send updates, ensuring that all devices are up-to-date without the need for physical access.

5. Remote Monitoring: This feature allows dispatchers to capture voice and video from client devices, display it on the WalkieFleet dispatch console, and record it on the WalkieFleet server, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and security.

6. Redundancy Server: To increase system reliability, WalkieFleet offers a redundancy server setup. Networks, users, and groups are automatically replicated from the master to the backup server, ensuring continuous operation in case of master server failure.

7. Emergency Processing: WalkieFleet includes customizable emergency profiles with features like Man Down alerts, high priority emergency calls, and an on-screen SOS button. The dispatch console provides detailed emergency reports, ensuring a quick and efficient response to critical situations.

8. Voice and Video Recording: All voice and video communications are recorded at the WalkieFleet server, with voice conversations saved in mp3 format and video calls in mkv format. This ensures that all communications are documented and can be reviewed if necessary.

WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console

The WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console is a Windows-based application that provides dispatch control over multiple WalkieFleet communication networks. It offers an integrated environment for both PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) and DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) fleets, with features including:

  • Control over multiple communication networks
  • Video and voice PTT calls
  • Message exchange (text, image, files)
  • Geofencing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Location tracking and history
  • Emergency processing
  • Guard tour
  • OTAP
  • Event logging and reporting tools

DMR Networks Integration

WalkieFleet seamlessly integrates with DMR networks via the AIS Gateway, allowing for private and group voice calls, location tracking, message exchange, call alerts, and more. This integration ensures that WalkieFleet can enhance existing DMR systems, providing a more comprehensive communication solution.

Solidtronic Radio Gateways

Solidtronic Radio Gateways, such as the ST-RoIP3-WalkieFleet and ST-RoIP4-WalkieFleet, facilitate the connection between professional two-way radios and WalkieFleet clients. This integration enables voice communication across different platforms, extending the range and flexibility of traditional radio systems.

Applications Across Various Industries

WalkieFleet’s robust features make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Events: Marathons, triathlons, multi-site events, and large public gatherings
  • Courier & Transport: Enhancing coordination and communication within logistics and transport businesses
  • Construction: Improving communication and safety on major infrastructure projects
  • Road & Rail Management: Facilitating efficient communication for infrastructure management
  • Council & Government: Supporting various public sector communication needs

WalkieFleet Device Launcher

The WalkieFleet Device Launcher simplifies the initial setup of WalkieFleet clients on Android devices. This tool is particularly useful for screenless radios, allowing for easy APK installation, login settings configuration, WiFi setup, and more.


WalkieFleet stands out as a powerful and versatile Push-to-Talk solution, integrating voice, video, and data communication to meet the demands of modern industries. With features like location tracking, remote monitoring, OTAP, and comprehensive emergency processing, WalkieFleet ensures that users can communicate effectively and securely, no matter the situation.

Explore the full potential of WalkieFleet and revolutionize your communication strategy by visiting WalkieFleet.

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