Why we need Dual-SIM POC Radio / PTT device ?

A Dual-SIM device allows you to activate two SIM-cards in your mobile phone at once, allowing you to make calls and send messages using two mobile numbers.

The first clear advantage of using a Dual-SIM device is that it allows the user to separate their personal and business lines. This is a bonus in multiple ways, including the ability to keep work contacts and personal contacts separate. This also removes the need to carry around multiple devices.

Another clear bonus is that the user no longer needs to swap out SIM cards to use them. Access between each one can easily be activated or disabled via a few simple button presses.

Furthermore, you will be able to easily review each activities of the respective phone numbers on the device. This allows for simpler tracking of professional finances.

With Talkpod Dual-SIM devices you not only get the above benefits, but also IP-67 dust and water protection, MIL-STD 810G certification and expansive battery life. These combined aspects ensure a reliable and productive device. To meet these needs, Talkpod offers multiple devices. For smartphone purposes, the Talkpod N5 series offers all the above, along with large internal storage and a dedicated PTT button. If a feature phone suits your needs more, the Talkpod N5 series gives you everything you need in an easy to use format. To find out more, you can visit our product pages.

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