Professional Networks and Communication Systems

Professional Networks and Communication Systems

The "Professional Networks and Communication Systems 2023" forum, commonly known as PMR-CONF-2023, stands out as a significant congregation in the critical communications industry, marking its 17th annual gathering. This forum unites employees from state-owned enterprises, representatives from the business sector, security agencies, emergency services, associations, and industry experts to engage in a comprehensive discussion about the industry's current challenges, technological advancements, and future directions.

The event is expected to tackle a variety of critical topics:

  1. Industry under sanctions: This topic will delve into the future of equipment development and production, addressing parallel import and logistical challenges, which are particularly pertinent to the two-way radio and critical communications industry under current geopolitical tensions.

  2. Technological sovereignty: A discussion on the efforts, solutions, and prospects for domestically developed communication systems which could influence the strategies of two-way radio manufacturers and service providers.

  3. Unified professional communication standards and spectrum allocation: This topic covers state regulations that may impact the use of radio frequencies and standards, which is directly relevant to the two-way radio sector.

  4. pLTE and 5G development: The forum will showcase successful case studies and future prospects for these technologies, highlighting their impact on the evolution of two-way radio systems and critical communication networks.

  5. Satellite-link communications: The focus on hard-to-reach technological facilities will underscore the importance of robust communication solutions, a fundamental aspect for two-way radio systems, especially in remote areas.

  6. IoT and remote access technology: The practical implementation and use cases at critical infrastructure facilities will be explored, which could open new avenues for two-way radio integration and functionality enhancements.

Moreover, PMR-CONF-2023 provides an invaluable platform for networking, with over 300 participants including government representatives and security agencies. It features an exhibition showcasing the latest and most innovative technologies and equipment for critical communications. This presents a unique opportunity for two-way radio industry stakeholders to engage with a broad spectrum of potential clients, partners, and industry leaders.

This forum not only offers a snapshot of the current state of the industry but also provides insights into future trends that could shape the development and deployment of two-way radios and related technologies. For companies and professionals in the two-way radio sector, PMR-CONF-2023 is an essential event for staying abreast of market developments, regulatory changes, and emerging opportunities within Russia and globally.

This gathering underscores the growing significance of professional communication systems and the role they play in enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring safety in various sectors. As the two-way radio industry continues to evolve, forums like PMR-CONF-2023 serve as pivotal platforms for discussion, innovation, and progress.

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