Empowering Seamless Communication at Shenzhen Airport Cargo Center



Client: Shenzhen Airport Cargo Center
Location: Shenzhen, China
Vertical Market: Transportation
Solution: Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) and Smart Radios
Applications: Radio Communications, GPS-Based Geolocation
Project Integrator: Shenzhen HDJ Technology Co., Ltd.

Executive Summary

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (IATA: SZX), situated 32 kilometers from Shenzhen City, stands as China's largest international airport, integrating land, sea, air, and rail transport. In 2018, it ranked as China's fifth busiest airport, handling millions of passengers, cargo, and numerous flights. Given the colossal operational demands, the airport required a stable, flexible, and secure communication system to facilitate digital transformation.

The Challenge

The airport needed an advanced communication solution to meet the dynamic communication needs of its ground personnel, who work tirelessly amidst challenging conditions, including complex environments and unpredictable weather. Moreover, the airport required the integration of multiple airlines into a secure private network, ensuring seamless communication among them.

The Talkpod Solution

Talkpod collaborated with partners to develop a robust Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) solution for Shenzhen Airport Cargo Center. By deploying Talkpod's N35 terminals, the entire airport complex, including terminals, cargo yards, aprons, and runways, achieved seamless wireless communication, GPS dispatching, single calls, group calls, and instant high-quality communication.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Coverage:

In just three days, the project was expertly deployed across the 7.7 million square meters of the airport, providing continuous coverage with no dead zones.

Cost Efficiency:

The solution significantly reduced the need for costly base station construction and maintenance.

Efficiency and Coordination:

Ground staff, logistics companies, customs, quarantine, vehicles, and aircraft now maintain efficient coordination, thanks to the reliable communication network.

User Satisfaction:

Users from various airport units have praised the sound quality, functionality, and performance of Talkpod's N35 radios.


The project's success has paved the way for the airport's digitization journey, with plans for future expansion to further meet the diverse needs of different users.

This case study showcases how Talkpod's PoC and smart radio solution successfully transformed communication at one of China's busiest airports, enhancing efficiency, security, and user satisfaction.

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