CRAC Announces the 2024 "5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival" Commemorative QSO Event

CRAC Announces the 2024 "5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival" Commemorative QSO Event

In celebration and commemoration of the 2024 "5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival," CRAC (China Radio Association, CRAC) will continue to host the commemorative QSO event from May 3, 2024, 08:00 (Beijing Time) to May 5, 2024, 20:00 (Beijing Time). During this event, a special event station BnCRA will be operational, and amateur radio enthusiasts are invited to actively participate in this event to celebrate our shared festival.

Attached is the detailed guideline for the "5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival" commemorative QSO event (see attached document for rules and regulations).

Event Details:

Duration: 60 hours, from May 3, 2024, 08:00 to May 5, 2024, 20:00 (Beijing Time).

QSO Content:

  1. CRAC will organize the BnCRA (n representing digits 0-9) series of divisional main stations to engage in on-air QSO activities with other amateur radio stations during the event.

  2. Bands: Amateur service frequency bands from 160 to 6 meters.

  3. Modes of Communication: CW/SSB/Digital, with digital modes referring to FT8/FT4.

Awards and Rules:

The event offers Gold, Silver, and Bronze certificate awards. The certificate level is determined by the number of unique QSO combinations made with the BnCRA stations. A combination refers to a valid QSO made based on callsign, band, and mode. For example, a QSO completed with B1CRA on 20 meters SSB mode constitutes one combination, while a QSO with B7CRA on 40 meters FT8 mode also constitutes one combination. All QSOs made with the same BnCRA station on different frequencies within the same band and using the same mode count as one combination. For instance, all QSOs made with B1CRA on 14.180MHz and 14.270MHz SSB mode are considered one combination.

Certificate Application Criteria:

  1. Asia Region
  • Bronze Certificate: 5 or more combinations, including at least three BnCRA stations.
  • Silver Certificate: 10 or more combinations, including at least six BnCRA stations.
  • Gold Certificate: 20 or more combinations, including all ten BnCRA stations.
  1. Outside Asia Region
  • Bronze Certificate: 3 to 5 combinations.
  • Silver Certificate: 5 to 10 combinations.
  • Gold Certificate: 10 or more combinations.

The validity of the combination count for certificate application is based on the records maintained by the CRAC event organizing committee. For confirmation and queries, please visit

Certificate Application Process:

Amateur radio stations meeting the award criteria can apply for certificates starting from June 1 of the same year by visiting to obtain electronic certificates.

Other Notes:

  1. QSL Exchange Method:

    • LoTW: Upload the event logs to LoTW within three months.
    • Paper QSL cards should include an SASE. If SASE is not included, cards will be returned via BURO.
    • Mailing Address: Box 100029-73, Beijing, Postal Code: 100029.
  2. This award application only covers valid QSOs made in the shortwave amateur service frequency bands. However, CRAC encourages amateur radio enthusiasts to engage in a variety of communication activities during the event, including ultra-shortwave bands, especially VHF and UHF bands, to greet each other, promote amateur radio activities, and celebrate the "5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival." CRAC also encourages QRP communication experiments. During the event, the duty operators at the BnCRA headquarters station will record detailed information regarding QRP stations.

  3. The China Radio Association Amateur Radio Branch (CRAC) reserves the final interpretation right for this event.

For more information and inquiries, please contact: CRAC Secretariat Email:

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