Elevate Your Radio Game with the Talkpod A36plus MAX Amateur Version

Elevate Your Radio Game with the Talkpod A36plus MAX Amateur Version
We are excited to announce the launch of the A36plus MAX Amateur version, tailored specifically for the discerning HAM enthusiasts in the global and U.S. markets. Ever since its debut, the A36plus series has garnered immense love and appreciation, thanks to its exceptional Airbands reception, user-friendly color screen UI, convenient USB-C charging, vibrant color options, and continuous firmware and feature updates.

To better cater to the needs of the U.S. market, we initially introduced the A36plus GMRS version, ensuring FCC compliance and seamless availability both online and offline. While the GMRS version offered full-frequency reception, many Amateur users eagerly awaited the Amateur version of the A36plus.

In response to this demand, we are proud to unveil the A36plus MAX version, meticulously crafted to comply with VHF and UHF transmission/reception requirements, boasting an upgraded transmission power of over 8W, an expanded channel capacity of 999 channels, a beefed-up 3200mAh battery, and added features like manual input of custom channel names. Just last week, we successfully obtained FCC compliance, receiving a new FCC ID: 2ADQZA36P by Part 97 and Part 15B.

The A36plus MAX Amateur version is now available for purchase through various online and offline channels. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our users for their ongoing support and enthusiasm. Let's make every radio moment count with Talkpod!

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