Talkpod Hosts Digital Radios Showcase in Shanghai

Talkpod Hosts Digital Radios Showcase in Shanghai
Shanghai, China - December 8, 2016 - Talkpod, a prominent domestic brand and a member of the DMR Association, held a successful product showcase event for its digital radios on December 8th at the Changcheng Holiday Hotel in Shanghai. Shanghai, being a central metropolitan city in China, is a vital component of Talkpod's commercial radio market. The event saw the participation of over a hundred dealers, agents, and industry users from Shanghai and its surrounding regions who gathered to experience, exchange insights, and engage in discussions.

Talkpod stands out as one of the few domestic brands in China that are part of the DMR Association. It's also among the select manufacturers with complete control over independent research and development capabilities, intellectual property rights, and manufacturing capabilities for DMR terminals. The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced that it would cease approving analog radio models by the end of 2017, signaling the phase-out of numerous analog radios within the specified time frame. In response, Talkpod proactively ceased the development of analog radios, actively promoting digital radio solutions to align with both policy and market demands.

During the Talkpod Digital Radios Showcase, the spotlight was on the versatile D50 and D55 models, featuring multiple attractive design options. The D50 digital radio boasts an impressive IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, equipped with two programmable shortcut keys. On the other hand, the D55 digital radio is configured with a high-definition display, customizable text messaging, emergency alarms, and both models offer voice-activated transmission to free up users' hands and save up to 40% in battery life. With built-in 1W high-power speakers, they ensure clear and seamless communication, making them suitable for various applications, including retail, property management, hotels, and events. Their high performance, portability, digital-analog compatibility, and affordable pricing address the needs of the commercial digital radio market, breaking through price barriers.

Talkpod's strategy for digital radio products is well-defined, with the rapid expansion of the D5 series products worldwide. They have successfully executed their global touring exhibition objectives within a short period. As a leading wireless communication brand manufacturer, Talkpod will continue to play an active role, focusing on the research and development of high-quality products and innovative applications. This will help users worldwide reduce management costs, enhance work efficiency, better cater to flexible customer requirements, and provide a more reasonable budget and consumer incentive for achieving a smooth transition from analog to digital. Talkpod's strict adherence to DMR Association standards in the commercial radio market has resulted in a high-end brand effect and precise coverage in the global commercial market.

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