Talkpod Accelerates European Digital Radio Market at PMRExpo in Germany

Talkpod Accelerates European Digital Radio Market at PMRExpo in Germany


Köln, Germany - November 22-24, 2016 - Talkpod, a leading innovator in professional wireless communication, made a significant impact at the largest European professional communication exhibition, PMRExpo, held in Köln, Germany from November 22nd to 24th, 2016. The event garnered full support from European governments and the German Association of Communications. PMRExpo radiates its influence across the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, and even the Middle East. Participating in Europe's most professional communication exhibition was a crucial step for Talkpod in its global strategic planning and market expansion. The extensive product lineup attracted numerous agents and professional buyers from across Europe, further elevating Talkpod's influence in the European market.

Talkpod has maintained a steadfast focus on specialized network communication, mastering core technology standards, and demonstrating precise market judgment both domestically and internationally. The N5 series public network intercom system, showcased at the event, features robust functionalities such as nationwide/group/individual calling, GPS dispatch, channel group switching, and programmable shortcut keys. This system enables seamless communication within the coverage of public communication networks, extending to national and global intercom capabilities.

The D5 series digital two-way radios boast compelling features including TDMA dual time slots, AMBE++ vocoder, digital-analog dual modes, and IP67 dust and waterproof ratings. All products have obtained certifications such as FCC (USA), CE (Europe), and waterproof testing. Additionally, the debut of the D57 full-color screen digital two-way radio garnered significant attention, enriching the Talkpod D5 series digital radio product lineup.

Talkpod's global presence has been strategically planned, actively participating in major international communication exhibitions. The diverse product lineup addresses the multifaceted needs of different customers, contributing to an explosive growth of the Talkpod brand in overseas markets. Talkpod's public network intercom products received high praise from the Communication Minister of Costa Rica at the IT & Communications Expo held in November, being recognized as an excellent solution for addressing national frequency resource constraints, worthy of nationwide and global promotion.

As a leading wireless communication brand manufacturer, Talkpod will continue to play an active role, focusing on research and development of high-quality products and innovative applications. Our aim is to help global users reduce management costs, enhance work efficiency, better meet flexible customer requirements, and create more competitive digital products for a smooth transition from analog to digital.

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