Talkpod Participates in CCW 2017 International Critical Communication World

Talkpod Participates in CCW 2017 International Critical Communication World
May 18, 2017 - Talkpod Technology, a prominent brand in the field of professional narrowband and broadband communication solutions, attended the 19th International Critical Communication World (CCW) in Hong Kong, China. CCW is one of the world's most influential and prestigious international conferences in the professional wireless communication industry, catering to a global audience. DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), a vital digital communication standard, is highly favored by numerous users from Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Talkpod Technology is among the few Chinese brands that have joined the DMR Association. The company was at the forefront of the industry's transition from analog to digital technology and innovation in convergent communication. With a mature and specialized product line catering to various niche markets, Talkpod has evolved into a global professional communication solutions and equipment provider.

The extensive D5 series of DMR digital radio terminals by Talkpod effectively meets the diverse demands of clients from different industries. This product range forms a competitive portfolio in alignment with Talkpod's strategy of digital transformation.

In an era marked by the emergence of new applications and technologies, the communication industry has entered a new era. Talkpod Technology, adhering to its philosophy of narrowband voice and broadband data fusion communication solutions, has created product terminals that offer greater value to users across different industries. Talkpod's DMR digital radios utilize advanced narrowband voice encoding and error correction technology, ensuring clear voice communication even in noisy environments and at the edges of network coverage. These radios are the ideal choice for enterprises seeking simple, reliable, and cost-effective digital wireless communication solutions, ensuring effortless communication within the workspace.

Talkpod's N5 series of digital public network radios distinctly differ from traditional two-way radios. They employ advanced voice coding technology and provide instant communication capabilities over extensive CDMA/WCDMA/3G/4G networks, catering to users who require long-distance coordination across regions. With outstanding power-saving modes, advanced acoustic control systems, and high-power speakers, these technological products align with current societal developments and cater to the communication needs of various industries, including highways, logistics, freight, taxis, urban management, medical emergencies, security systems, high-end properties, and large construction sites.

This year's CCW conference presented forward-looking information on both narrow and broadband private network communication. The profound development of DMR digital product functionality by Talkpod and other brands has increased user retention, opened up more profit opportunities for channel partners, and illustrated the growth trends in the private network communication market. Together, they are advancing the dissemination of the latest communication technologies and promoting digitalization.

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