Talkpod Unveils 2G/3G Public Network Radios at Beijing Channel Conference

Talkpod Unveils 2G/3G Public Network Radios at Beijing Channel Conference
Beijing, China - May 15, 2017 - Talkpod successfully hosted the Public Network and Digital Radios Channel Promotion Conference at the Zhongtu Building in Beijing on May 12th. At this event, Talkpod showcased a range of 2G/3G public network radios and various DMR digital products, attracting numerous partners and distributors from Beijing and neighboring provinces and cities.

As the radio industry undergoes a transformation towards digitization, broadband connectivity, and convergence, the market is flooded with diverse products and brands. Talkpod addressed this by presenting globally popular products to distributors through an exclusive, smaller-scale exhibition. This approach helps dealers mitigate risks before entering the distribution process and ultimately delivers better product experiences to end-users. Talkpod aims to bring more practical, cost-effective, competitive, and profitable products to a wider market through channel conferences.

Technology always serves applications, and the value of communication lies in meeting users' needs. Talkpod's extensive product range ensures the fulfillment of various customer requirements. When it comes to purchasing radios, 70% of surveyed users prioritize functionality and reliability. Talkpod's D50 and D55 digital radios offer powerful features like TDMA dual time slots, digital-analog dual modes, custom encryption values, and IP67 dust and water resistance. Excellent digital-analog compatibility ensures a smooth transition for users at a low cost.

Public network communication and private network communication complement each other in different application scenarios. With the rapid development and widespread commercialization of 3G/4G networks, public network radios have seen rapid growth. Talkpod's N5 series of public network radios offer features like group calls, individual calls, GPS dispatch, channel group switching, and SOS one-touch alarms. Utilizing CDMA and WCDMA network standards, 2G radios from telecommunications companies and 3G radios from China Unicom cover a global network, ensuring stable signals and excellent communication quality, allowing terminal users to roam globally without communication distance limitations.

May 12th holds a special significance as it marks the anniversary of the devastating Wenchuan earthquake that struck China nine years ago. Following the disaster, wireless radio communication played a crucial role in subsequent disaster relief efforts. Over the years, China's emergency communication and wireless radio communication have continued to evolve. The rapid development of public network radios like Tianyi Talkpod and the integration of public and private networks offer new possibilities. The pain of the past inspires everyone to continue moving forward. Talkpod hopes that in the future, radios, as more efficient and timely communication tools, will fulfill their potential in applications ranging from disaster relief to business and government, delivering even greater social value.

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