Talkpod Showcases Cutting-Edge Communication Solutions at IT &Communications Expo in Costa Rica

Talkpod Showcases Cutting-Edge Communication Solutions at IT &Communications Expo in Costa Rica

Costa Rica - November 3-4, 2016 - Talkpod, a leading innovator in the field of professional mobile radio communication, proudly participated in the IT & Communications Expo in Costa Rica from November 3rd to 4th, 2016. This renowned IT and communications exhibition in the Latin American region attracted substantial attention, with the honorable presence of the Vice President of Costa Rica at the opening ceremony. As a core brand manufacturer in the DMR Alliance, Talkpod garnered increased interest from North American dealers during the event.

The expo saw the presence of distributors and end-users from North and South America, as well as various other countries worldwide. Talkpod's booth was abuzz with excitement, with a special focus on the high-end waterproof public network intercom system, which was first unveiled in Hong Kong in October.

The Communication Minister of Costa Rica expressed great enthusiasm after experiencing and learning about Talkpod's public network intercom products. He commented, "This is an excellent solution for addressing the scarcity of national frequency resources, worthy of promotion nationally and even globally."

Talkpod has been dedicated to the field of specialized network communication, holding core technology in digital standards. With a precise understanding of domestic and international markets, and a diverse product line catering to multiple customer needs, Talkpod has experienced explosive growth in overseas markets this year.

The N5 series public network intercom system, introduced at the exhibition, allows nationwide and even global communication within the coverage of public communication networks. It features GPS dispatch management and represents Talkpod's brand new digital product line, extending and complementing traditional product functionalities. The D50 digital two-way radio boasts an IP67 dust and waterproof rating and offers 64 channels across four regions. The D55 digital two-way radio is even more feature-rich, with a high-definition display and customizable functions such as text messaging, group calls, individual calls, and quick selection of digital contacts. All products have received certifications such as FCC (USA), CE (Europe), and waterproof testing.

Talkpod has consistently expanded its global presence and participated in major international communication exhibitions. At this event, Talkpod's product lineup received unanimous recognition from customers in different regions of North and South America and beyond. As a wireless communication brand manufacturer, Talkpod will continue to play an active role, focusing on the research and development of high-quality products and innovative applications. Our goal is to help users reduce management costs, enhance work efficiency, and provide globally competitive digital products.



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