ESChat - The leading solution for broadband Push-to-Talk Services.

ESChat - The leading solution for broadband Push-to-Talk Services.

In the realm of public safety communication, reliability, security, and advanced features are paramount. ESChat, a DISA Approved and FirstNet Certified service, stands as a leader in the field, offering an unparalleled Push-to-Talk (PTT) experience designed to meet the rigorous demands of public safety and enterprise users.

Key Features of ESChat

1. Encrypted Push-to-Talk: ESChat ensures secure communication with AES-256 encryption, providing peace of mind for users who need to share sensitive information. This robust encryption standard safeguards all voice and multimedia messages against unauthorized access.

2. GPS Location for Enhanced Situational Awareness: ESChat offers real-time GPS location tracking, allowing administrators to monitor the positions of team members on Android, iOS, and web platforms. This feature is crucial for coordinating operations and ensuring the safety of personnel in the field.

3. Secure Group Messaging: In addition to PTT, ESChat supports encrypted group messaging. Users can send text and image attachments securely, with the ability to track message delivery and read receipts, enhancing communication efficiency within teams.

4. Availability on All Wireless Carriers: ESChat is designed to work seamlessly across all wireless carriers, ensuring uninterrupted communication regardless of the user's network provider. This flexibility makes ESChat a versatile choice for organizations with diverse communication needs.

5. Advanced LMR Integration: For users who rely on Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems, ESChat provides advanced interoperability options. This integration enables seamless communication between traditional LMR users and those on ESChat's PTT service, bridging the gap between different communication technologies.

6. Affordable and Flexible Pricing: ESChat is available for $4.99 per month on a no-contract basis, with annual subscribers enjoying a discounted rate of $4.49 per month. Volume discounts are also available, making ESChat a cost-effective solution for organizations of all sizes.

7. 24/7/365 Live Technical Support: Subscribers benefit from round-the-clock live technical support, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed. This commitment to customer service underscores ESChat's dedication to providing reliable and uninterrupted communication services.

Comprehensive Tracking Capabilities

Live GPS Location Tracking: ESChat supports real-time location mapping, enabling administrators to view live positions of users. This feature is configurable on a device-by-device basis, ensuring that maps are visible only to authorized personnel.

Historical (Bread Crumb) GPS Location Tracking: For users needing historical location data, ESChat's breadcrumb tracking feature is invaluable. This functionality allows the collection of location markers at configurable intervals, which can be viewed and analyzed through the ESChat web-based management portal. Each marker includes detailed information such as user identity, timestamp, speed, and direction.

Versatile Group Communication

ESChat excels in group communication with its eight distinct Talk Group types, each tailored to specific mission requirements. From basic group communications to specialized groups for surveillance, command, dispatch, and emergency broadcasts, ESChat accommodates diverse operational needs. Multi-way Talk Groups can support up to 255 members, while Emergency Broadcast Groups can reach up to 60,000 users with a single button press.


ESChat is not just a Push-to-Talk service; it's a comprehensive communication solution designed to meet the highest standards of public safety and enterprise users. With its robust encryption, advanced tracking capabilities, and seamless LMR integration, ESChat stands out as the leader in secure communication. Whether you are coordinating day-to-day operations or responding to emergencies, ESChat provides the tools you need to communicate effectively and securely.

To experience the unparalleled capabilities of ESChat, contact ESChat Sales at (844) 4-ESCHAT (Option 1) and activate your service within minutes. Embrace the future of secure communication with ESChat.

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