TASSTA - the most advantageous and technologically new software for mission critical communication

TASSTA -  the most advantageous and technologically new software for mission critical communication

In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is vital for the success and safety of various industries. TASSTA stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering mission-critical Push-to-Talk (PTT) solutions that cater to a wide array of professional needs. With their motto, “If you can think it, we can do it,” TASSTA’s suite of applications ensures seamless and secure communication, no matter the situation.

Key TASSTA Solutions

1. T.Flex: Mobile PTT and Emergency Communication

T.Flex is TASSTA’s flagship application, designed for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Running on IP networks (2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi), T.Flex operates on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, ensuring high availability even on slow data networks. It offers always-on PTT operation, messaging, status messages, voice recording, and GPS location management. This robust application is fully managed by T.Commander, giving administrators full control.

Features of T.Flex:

  • Group Call: Enables a single person to reach hundreds of users with one button press, ensuring superb audio quality over high-speed IP networks.
  • Individual Call: Facilitates private communication outside a group, ideal for secure user-to-user simplex voice communications.
  • Priority Call: Allows dispatchers to take control of the channel, ensuring their messages get through during critical situations.
  • Emergency Call: Keeps users safe by providing an immediate voice channel and sending an alert to other users and dispatchers.
  • Remote Control: Provides the ability to access the microphone or camera of a user remotely, essential for high-risk environments.
  • Lone Worker Protection: Uses an accelerometer to detect falls and sends automatic emergency notifications, enhancing workplace safety.

2. T.Rodon: The Command and Control Center

T.Rodon is a fully featured dispatch solution that brings TASSTA’s communication capabilities to the highest professional level. It can be used as a desktop application or in mobile environments, offering dynamic group communication and advanced emergency response features.

Features of T.Rodon:

  • Dynamic Groups: Allows dispatchers to reorganize group communications instantly, ensuring flexibility in emergencies.
  • Emergency Call Receiving: Provides visual and audible alerts for emergency calls, with GPS-enabled location tracking.
  • Map Tools: Offers operational zones, group activity tracking, and indoor localization, enhancing situational awareness.
  • Lone Worker Protection: Integrated with MAN DOWN for automatic emergency alerts, ensuring the safety of employees in hazardous conditions.

3. T.Lion: The Heart of the System

T.Lion is TASSTA’s professional communication platform, available as SaaS or standalone deployment. It supports multi-server connectivity, offering scalability, data security, and fleet management.

Features of T.Lion:

  • Scalability: Can run on various computing hardware, supporting multi-server connectivity and ensuring system redundancy.
  • Data Encryption: Provides persistent protection of voice and data, safeguarding sensitive information against advanced threats.
  • Fleet Management: Offers specialized monitoring and tracking tools, maintaining accurate GPS data and voice records for extended periods.

4. T.Commander: Resource Management

T.Commander is a web-based application for controlling resources and features on TASSTA servers. It manages users, teams, groups, and functions, ensuring flexible maintenance and system expansion.

Features of T.Commander:

  • User Interface: User-friendly graphical web interface supporting multiple languages and secure access management.
  • Administration: Manages profiles, bulk patterns, reports, and service feedback, simplifying administrative tasks.
  • System Management: Controls nodes, servers, users, and groups, providing detailed management capabilities.

5. T.Bridge: Connecting PMR Networks

T.Bridge is TASSTA’s middleware solution, integrating TASSTA with professional mobile radio (PMR) networks. It enriches PMR systems with TASSTA features, ensuring vendor independence and scalability.

Features of T.Bridge:

  • Compatibility: Connects PMR networks through an API, making them compatible with TASSTA.
  • Scalability: Expands existing PMR solutions, integrating new resources as necessary.
  • Profitability: Enhances PMR networks with TASSTA’s communication endpoints, providing a profitable advantage.

6. T.Recorder: Secure Recording and Data Communication

T.Recorder offers tools to sort, search, and replay voice records, view message history, and monitor user activity. It provides GPS recording, channel activity tracking, and emergency call recording, ensuring comprehensive data management.

Features of T.Recorder:

  • GPS Recording: Tracks user movements and exports data in popular formats.
  • Voice Recording: Records individual and group calls, maintaining detailed call data.
  • Message Recording: Views written communication, highlighting emergency messages for quick evaluation.

Industries Benefiting from TASSTA

TASSTA’s advanced communication solutions cater to various industries, including:

  • Police and Army: Ensuring reliable and secure communication in critical situations.
  • Emergency Services: Structuring incidents quickly and effectively.
  • Agriculture: Enhancing security and communication for productivity.
  • Airports and Public Transport: Maintaining control over long distances.
  • Healthcare: Providing push-to-talk and emergency features for hospital staff.
  • Public or Private Security Companies: Ensuring safety and connectivity for security personnel.


TASSTA’s mission-critical Push-to-Talk solutions redefine communication across industries, offering robust, secure, and scalable applications. From T.Flex’s mobile capabilities to T.Rodon’s command center functionalities, TASSTA ensures that every communication need is met with precision and reliability. Explore TASSTA today and revolutionize your organization’s communication strategy.

For more information, visit TASSTA.

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