POCSTARS - an innovative IT-Driven PTT(Push-To-Talk) solution provider

POCSTARS - an innovative IT-Driven PTT(Push-To-Talk) solution provider

Always Expanding, Always Connected

At POCSTARS, we prioritize your business continuity. With our robust cloud server infrastructure, we ensure global connectivity with 24/7 hot standby redundancy, providing zero downtime for your operations. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in over 2000 days of stable server running, serving more than 2 million users across various industries.


Customized Service We offer product customization and open API/SDK interfaces, allowing seamless integration with existing systems. This enables users to manage PTT services efficiently, including integration with billing systems and operator CRM systems.

Operation & Monitoring Solutions Our solutions provide real-time insights into user activity, server conditions, hardware usage, network status, and real-time alarms. Administrators can monitor server health and analyze user behavior through detailed report logs.

PoC Systems Launched on July 1st, 2014, our PoC system supports over 2 million users. Our voice server performance is industry-leading, with server capacity 10 times the industry average, reducing investment costs by 90%.

Customer Support Our dedicated support team offers 24/7 online service. We collaborate with hundreds of terminal manufacturers to manage all terminals on a unified platform. Our pre-sales, after-sales, and R&D teams are committed to high-quality service.

Key Features of POCSTARS APP

Voice Call POCSTARS APP offers various types of calls, such as Group Call, Channel Switching, Temporary Group Call, and more, ensuring versatile voice call dispatching for different scenarios.

Multimedia Messaging The app supports sending text, voice, pictures, short videos, and location information, facilitating interactive and synchronized group and personal communications.

Location Tracking Real-time GPS reporting enables dispatchers to track user positions and trajectories, enhancing situational awareness and coordination.

POCSTARS Dispatch Console

Video Streaming Our dispatch console integrates voice communication, multimedia messaging, video communication, and real-time positioning, providing a comprehensive visual dispatching system. This enhances rapid response and decision-making for daily operations and emergencies.

Voice Dispatch Solution The dispatch console allows dispatchers to perform various operations such as voice calls, channel switching, interrupt calls, and monitoring based on user location.

User Admin Panel

Visual Dispatch Solution The console supports sending text, pictures, videos, and location information, ensuring accurate delivery of key information. Video streaming enables live monitoring and real-time problem-solving.

Operational Flexibility Our platform supports both distribution and direct sales channels, allowing distributors to create multiple dealers and manage end users effectively.

POCSTARS Server System

POCSTARS provides 24/7 hot backup deployment for server disaster recovery. We offer flexible PoC server solutions, including global cloud servers or standalone servers tailored to customer needs. Our system ensures high performance and fast deployment, minimizing additional investment.

Mini Server Our Mini Server offers a powerful, secure, and compact solution for privatized public network PTT service. It provides superior data confidentiality, rapid deployment, and easy maintenance.

RoIP Gateway Using a RoIP Gateway, you can integrate traditional radio systems with our PoC solution, establishing stable push-to-talk communication across different radio platforms.

Industry Solutions

Public Safety Our solution overcomes the limitations of traditional trunking systems, providing unified command and dispatching with superior audio quality, faster data transmission, and enhanced features.

Security POCSTARS' PoC solution offers extensive coverage, digital encryption, and features like flexible grouping, picture/video relay, and real-time positioning, crucial for private security operations.

Logistics Our system integrates voice communication, GIS information, mobile video monitoring, and vehicle dynamic management, enhancing efficiency and safety in transportation industries.

Mining The PoC solution provides better coverage, audio quality, versatility, and networking flexibility, making it ideal for managing mining operations and ensuring worker safety.

Healthcare Our solution supports PTT calls, real-time positioning, SOS, multimedia messaging, and telemedicine, enabling efficient emergency response and patient management.

Commercial POCSTARS offers a comprehensive PoC communications solution tailored to the needs of various commercial sectors, enhancing operational efficiency and communication.

Getting Started with POCSTARS

  1. Connect the Radio: Turn on the radio/device and connect it to the computer via USB.
  2. Install ADB Driver: Install the ADB driver and ensure the device connects successfully.
  3. Install APK: Use ADB tools to install the POCSTARS APK on the device.


POCSTARS is dedicated to providing cutting-edge push-to-talk solutions with superior performance, extensive features, and robust support. Experience the benefits of our state-of-the-art communication system and ensure seamless, efficient, and secure operations for your business.

Discover the power of POCSTARS today and stay always connected, always expanding.

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