RealPTT - the software platform for 3G/4G LTE network radios

RealPTT - the software platform for 3G/4G LTE network radios

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient and reliable communication is crucial for the success of any organization. REALPTT offers an innovative solution that leverages wireless data network-based communication using VoIP technology. This advanced system transcends traditional limitations, providing a robust platform for real-time intercom, personnel positioning, patrol attendance, video law enforcement, and more.

What is REALPTT?

REALPTT is a versatile communication system developed by Shenzhen Corget Technology Co., Ltd. It functions over any wireless network, eliminating the distance constraints typical of traditional interphones. The system integrates GPS, multimedia applications, and other operational services to deliver a comprehensive, multifunctional scheduling system.

Key components of the REALPTT system include:

  • PTT Terminal: Mobile devices used for push-to-talk communication.
  • VPDN Router: Ensures secure data transmission over virtual private networks.
  • PTT Server and Database Server: Manage and store communication data.
  • Management Platform Server: Central hub for system administration.

System Advantages

REALPTT stands out in the market due to several key advantages:

  1. Brand Effect: With over 13 years of market development experience, REALPTT boasts the highest user online rate and a strong brand presence.
  2. Product Excellence: Leveraging leading technology and a stable platform, REALPTT offers practical and reliable functionalities.
  3. Resource Sharing: With more than 20 terminal categories and over 500 professional terminals, REALPTT ensures comprehensive resource sharing and support.
  4. After-Sales Service: 24/7 professional technical support guarantees user satisfaction and system reliability.

REALPTT Solution Overview

REALPTT provides a half-duplex, instant, multi-party voice communication service that supports both one-to-one and one-to-many calls. This means that only one person in a group can speak at a time, ensuring clear and organized communication. Key features include:

  • Group Call: Communicate with all online users in a group.
  • Private Call: One-to-one private communication.
  • All Call: Address all group members simultaneously.
  • Only Listen: Users can receive voice messages without the ability to speak.

Web Management Platform

The REALPTT cluster system management platform uses a B/S mode, allowing for comprehensive user and group management via the web. It supports various management levels, including agent, sub-agent, enterprise, and department management platforms. Key functionalities include:

  • User and group management
  • Recording management
  • Patrol management
  • Multimedia management
  • Query positioning and system settings

PC Dispatcher

The REALPTT dispatcher is a multifunctional visual dispatching system that offers a range of features such as group calling, single calling, location viewing, message sending, video calling, and more. This system provides enterprises with fast and efficient scheduling capabilities.

Key dispatcher features include:

  • Geo-Fence: Set alarms for specific locations.
  • SOS Alerts: Instant user location display during emergencies.
  • Distance Measurement: Measure distances between different locations on the map.
  • Circle Call: Make dynamic calls from the map page.

Patrol Attendance

REALPTT supports both NFC and GPS positioning patrol methods, ensuring thorough and accurate patrol attendance tracking. Users can perform patrol operations according to prescribed routes and times, with detailed patrol statistics available for review.

Video Applications

Leveraging the REALPTT trunking system, users can engage in real-time interactive video data communication. Features include private video calls, video uploads, video surveillance, and multi-channel video calling.

Terminal Equipment and User Scenarios

REALPTT is ideal for various industries, including:

  • Security: Reliable communication for security personnel.
  • Firefighting: Efficient coordination during emergencies.
  • Railway and Transportation: Seamless communication for operational efficiency.
  • Agriculture and Construction: Durable and dependable communication in harsh environments.
  • Rescue and Police: Critical communication for emergency response teams.
  • Airport and Building Patrol: Effective monitoring and communication in large facilities.
  • Hospitality and Outdoor Adventure: Ensuring safety and coordination in diverse scenarios.

REALPTT Mobile Application Guide

The REALPTT mobile application, available for Android, provides a comprehensive dispatching system with features such as video chat, patrol check-in, private calls, messaging, and location tracking. The app’s intuitive interface ensures ease of use and efficient communication.


REALPTT by Shenzhen Corget Technology Co., Ltd is revolutionizing the way organizations handle communication. With its advanced features, reliable performance, and comprehensive support, REALPTT is the ideal solution for enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring effective communication across various industries.

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