Zello - a modern and customizable walkie-talkie app that lives on any smart device

Zello - a modern and customizable walkie-talkie app  that lives on any smart device

Build with Zello and Enhance Your Team's Communication

Zello is a dynamic, scalable, and compatible push-to-talk communication solution designed to replace legacy radios, texting, and phone calls. Save money and increase safety by adopting Zello’s advanced platform for your communication needs.

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Why Choose Zello?

Proven and Essential

With 10 billion live voice messages delivered monthly, Zello is trusted by industry leaders like Bechtel, Cemex, LafargeHolcim, and ArcelorMittal. Our platform ensures your team stays connected, whether they’re on-site or off-site.

Key Features

Unlimited Channels: Create as many channels as you need, connecting up to 7,000 people at a time. Keep your entire team in the loop without limitations.

Subcontractor-Ready: Onboard subcontractors quickly with Zello on their smartphones, or set up company-issued shared devices.

Network Compatibility: Zello works over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, eliminating the need for expensive radio tower leases and providing better coverage.

Customer Testimonials

Andrew Eger, Communications and Distribution Technology Manager at CRMP Inc.: "By eliminating the need for dedicated radio towers and two-way radios, the company has saved a considerable amount per month in just tower fees and repairs alone."

Kimberly Lesher, Transportation Manager at Carey Dallas: "Zello’s Dispatch Hub works very well and gives us a level of flexibility we didn’t have before."

Ken Kelley, Paramedic and Owner at Promed Ambulance: "I needed a land-mobile-radio solution and I finally found it in Zello. It has totally revolutionized the way we communicate in our company."

Safety and Efficiency

Emergency Alerts: Customize your response team so that on-the-ground personnel can send one-push emergency alerts and get immediate responses from the right people.

Automated User Management: Streamline user management with Zello’s automated tools, allowing you to add thousands of users at once and manage your user database efficiently.

Intuitive UI: No training necessary. Zello’s user interface is simple and can be easily mapped to rugged devices for quick push-to-talk and emergency responses.

Dispatch Hub

Centralized Dispatch Platform: Zello Dispatch Hub allows dispatchers to handle high call volumes, share workloads, and optimize dispatch efficiency.

Real-Time Location Updates: Track and locate every worker on your team, ensuring efficient task management and quick response times.

Customizable Channels: Create open talk channels, dispatch channels, and broadcast channels to suit your team’s needs.

Operational Analytics

Actionable Insights: Gather deep operational analytics to shift resources and optimize efficiency, continuously improving performance.

Visual Confirmation: Drivers receive visual confirmation of message receipt, ensuring they know their dispatch team is on it.

Scalability and Flexibility

Unlimited Users: Zello scales easily to accommodate thousands of users. Pay only for the licenses you use, even if that changes month-to-month.

Compatible Hardware: Use Zello on any Android or iOS device, with support for a range of accessories for familiar hardware functionality.

Secure and Reliable

HD Voice and Text Communication: Communicate in real-time via HD voice, photo, or text, ensuring clear and efficient communication.

Replay Messages: Workers can replay missed messages, ensuring they never miss important information.

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Zello’s modern, stress-free dispatch and communication platform is intuitive, scalable, and secure. Transform the way your team communicates and operates with Zello.

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